Qantum has the most advanced Marketing Platform and communication system available thanks to it’s AI “Artifical Intelligence” Marketing.

Our System can save thousands $’s  in SMS costs for your Business by using our “Push Notification” system

The AI Marketing allows you to target market any members with fine precision such as a member who has had particular beer or food item.

What makes it exciting is its Easy to Use yet powerful performance.

Target Market with Precision!

Qantum AI Marketing allows you to target market to Members with precision to get the maximum impact and return to your business.

You can send an offer or promotion to member(s) who drink a particular beverage or beer.

As an Example

You can send a targeted offer to a member who has:

Ordered a Burger + Heineken on a Wednesday.



Save Thousand $’s on SMS charges

SMS costs are expanding our ‘Push Messaging’ is free.

Members who use their mobile to sign up can use our Push Messaging system that sends a message exactly like an SMS at no cost!

Save $24,000 a year

A Venue with 5,000 members sending 2 texts a week would save $24,000 per year.

Why is our AI Marketing so Smart

We update your marketing platform daily with all your Members activity including new Members.

You do not have to do a thing this all happens automatically, so. you have the latest data every day ready to market.

The information we update also includes, food choices, beverage and retail store activity of every member every day!

AI Powered Automation

You can set offers and promotions to re-occur at anytime on any day up to 12 months in the future.

Our AI System will automatically add members who fit your promotion criteria without doing a thing and send them the offer.

You will never forget to send an offer on time, it will always be targeted to the exact members that fit the profile and always up to date!



Email Marketing

Built in Email Marketing

Send animated and effective emails to your members.

Our Email Program lets you edit and modify any email quickly and effectively.